How much does postage cost?

Your marshmallows will be sent 1st class with Royal Mail, and will usually arrive the day after dispatch. Delivery is £3.60, but is free for orders totalling over £30. 

Are Harley Sweet marshmallows gluten free?

Yes, they are, so those who can't eat gluten can enjoy them with peace of mind!

Are Harley Sweet marshmallows dairy free? 

Yes, unless otherwise stated all of our products are free from dairy. 

Are Harley Sweet marshmallows egg free? 

All of our products are egg free with the exception of our Lemon Meringue marshmallow - the meringue topping on this mallow contains egg white. 

Are they suitable for vegetarians? 

No, currently all of our marshmallows are made using pork gelatine. 

How many pieces are in a bag?

Each bag contains a minimum of 100g of marshmallow, and will contain 8 pieces of marshmallow. 

How long do they keep

The marshmallows you receive will have been freshly made, and are of course best eaten that way! We recommend you enjoy your marshmallows within four weeks.


If your question hasn't been answered here please don't hesitate to contact us at info@harleysweet.co.uk or on 07597397921