About Us



Harley Sweet was created, and is run by me, Madeleine Harley.

After graduating from University and struggling to find graduate employment I had been thinking that perhaps I should consider trying to create my own job. Then one day I made a batch of marshmallows and immediately knew that making and selling marshmallows absolutely had to be what I did. 

I had been wondering why I'd only ever seen marshmallows in either 'pink' or 'white', so made a big batch, split it into lots of different bowls and added a different flavour to each bowl. Me and my family were amazed at how good they tasted.


Harley Sweet marshmallows are very different to traditional 'pink and white' marshmallows. They are a fresh product, made by hand in small batches with top quality ingredients. I use real, fresh foods to flavour the marshmallows, there are no artificial flavourings or any colourings. I've worked very hard to create the perfect mallow recipe, soft and light but with some substance. It's a texture that is a long way away from the dry chewy marshmallows available in supermarkets. 

Wherever possible I make flavourings from scratch, this ensures quality and purity of ingredients and also gives me the opportunity to use local ingredients.

When using flavourings such as vanilla or peppermint I make sure to choose the finest quality ingredients. Vanilla and peppermint extracts often contain alcohol, colourings, and added sugar. I use pure vanilla bean, and a pure Hampshire grown peppermint oil to flavour my mallows.

Harley Sweet's signature flavours are Lemon Meringue, Mint-Choc Stracciatella, Tiramisu, Toasted Coconut, and Vanilla. However there are always new flavours to look out for, from different flavours that reflect the seasons to special marshmallow treats for Easter and Christmas.

Harley Sweet marshmallows are far softer and lighter than traditional marshmallows and are packed full of flavour. Your really have to try them to see how good a marshmallow can be!

The signature collection is now available at the online shop.

 Harley Sweet is proud to be a Prince's Trust supported business.