Gourmet marshmallows by Harley Sweet

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All of our gourmet marshmallows are fresh, handmade, gluten free and totally delicious

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Welcome to Harley Sweet marshmallows, where we make extraordinary marshmallows

Key to the perfect marshmallow is texture.

A fabulous marshmallow should be beautifully light and fluffy, but should still have some substance, it should melt in the mouth, but shouldn't be so light that it fizzes away to nothing. Striking the perfect balance in texture took months of experimentation, using different ingredients and methods, but we finely got there, and boy was it worth it!

Just as important is quality of ingredients.

You won't find any colourings, artificial flavourings, extracts of essences in our marshmallows. We don't need them because we use real, pure ingredients. This means pure Madagascan vanilla bean rather than an extract, and pure Hampshire grown peppermint oil, rather than standard peppermint extract. The same goes for all of the ingredients we use, and it makes all the difference to the taste.

Finally there's our flavours.

We put a lot of time into creating marshmallow flavours. From adapting well loved flavours (such as Lemon Meringue), to inventing our own totally unique flavours (such as Orange, Lime, & Basil) we love coming up with the most delicious, fun and interesting flavours we can. And there's always new and seasonal flavours to look out for.